Facebook groups can be a key success for growing brands and business

As we advance into the socially driven content era we notice niche based groups thrive more. What we mean by thriving more is people with a common interest are able to connect. For example, someone in Australia that loves looking up cooking recipes can join Facebook a group of cooker’s & chefs.  Once in the group, they exchange recipe’s, ideas, and opinions with people other places such as New York.

Use your targeted demographic to find facebook groups

Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, search for your targeted audience.  If I was a car salesman I would search for” car buy sell and trade groups” and niche based car enthusiast groups. Like if I was a Honda dealership salesman I would find the nearest metropolitan Honda car group. The name would be for example “Los Angelas Honda Car Club” or “LA Honda customs”, because they already know and use your service or product.

Engage with members and give valuable input

Often you see people join Facebook groups and start posting links and ads to their business. This is ok if that’s the basis of the group, but if its not PLEASE DO NOT POST LINKS  OR ADS. Well, at least until after you establish a presence in the community. If you don’t you’re likely to get removed from the group or flagged by members as spam.  Which you don’t want because Facebook has started to become strict against spammers by banning their site links. Heres our top 5 Facebook engagements tips:

  1. Introduce your self to the group
  2. Comment a valuable answer, opinion, or fact on someone post to show your knowledge
  3. Ask a group question
  4.  Post a valuable input for the group benefit, for example, a plumber will post in a Home Owner  Facebook Group how to stop pipes from freezing in the winter on their on.
  5. Make your self-available, don’t start a conversation and abandon the conversation make you seem disinterested and sketchy.